Making sure you've always got produce to prepare

To ensure your ingredients are always received as fresh as possible, we don't keep stock of our produce and only use completely refrigerated vans. But that doesn't mean that we can't get ingredients out to you at short notice.

If you need fresh produce at any time of the day or night, you can make use of our 24 hour ordering service: leave us a message and one of our vans will make it out to your location faster than you can skin a potato - not that you'll have to, that's because you can choose from a variety of both prepared and raw ingredients.

Fresh produce, delivered straight to your kitchen:

  • 24 hour order and delivery service
  • Fully refrigerated delivery vans
  • No stock kept on-site, for ultimate freshness

    Fresh produce, right when you need it 

    To find out how we can help you, or to place your produce order, call us on: 01698 350 476

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